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thehistoryof GT

Guten Tog, Ltd. was founded during the COVID lockdowns of 2020 as a means for helping others in both business and in life. At that time and, for many, ever since, life became more difficult. Jobs were lost, homes were lost, lives were lost. People who were used to being able to support themselves suddenly faced financial hardship. And for those already struggling to survive, the charity donations dried up because people simply couldn't afford to give.

Starting with Hanford Dixon, we created the Signature Collection from which fifty percent of the profits are donated to the charity associated with each line. Each of our Signature Partners chose the nonprofit that they most wanted to assist, allowing the Collection to have a greater impact on more lives. Today, we support nonprofits across the USA and Canada in areas of healthcare, education, sports, animal welfare, homelessness, hunger, veteran assistance, and so many other worthy, and necessary, causes. We're proud of the work we do, grateful to our Signature Partners for their selflessness, and thankful for you and your support.

We also provide merchandising options for businesses that offer them another avenue to increase profits without financial risk, and without having to spend the time and energy needed throughout the process.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have an interest in participating in any of our programs.

Steve Davey - Founder/President